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Recovery Cafe, a drug and alcohol addiction rehab facility that is situated at 2022 Boren Avenue in Seattle, Washington, is committed to helping those who are addicted, get the addiction treatment they need. Getting quality care through a professional treatment center can give the patient the confidence that is needed to successfully overcome drug and alcohol addiction. Even if one is experiencing addictive tendencies, it is important that they seek help in order to mitigate the chances of addiction down the road.

Effective treatment for addiction is designed to help the addict overcome their reliance on drugs and alcohol through various multi-step programs. At Recovery Cafe, staff members and counselors are there to support the patient every step of the way. By providing a solid treatment foundation and framework, patients will have the best possible chance of overcoming their addiction.

The right addiction treatment is intended to relieve the addict of their addiction. Locating the main origin of the addict's desire to continually use and abuse substances of abuse is the key to beating addiction. At Recovery Cafe, proven treatment programs will allow patients to get an idea of what life is like after overcoming drug abuse. Once treatment is complete, patients are urged to attend relapse prevention programs in order to lessen the likelihood of relapse in the future.

There are many types of different treatment programs for those aged 18+ that aim to help patients overcome addiction. Group counseling, 12-step programs, medically assisted detox, and individual counseling are just some of the many styles of treatment that patients may go through while at Recovery Cafe. The treatment program that is best suited for the patient will be determined after a thorough initial patient evaluation and assessment. The staff members at Recovery Cafe will also work with the patient's insurance company in order to determine what is covered under their medical plan.

With a personalized treatment program that is designed uniquely for the patient, recovery is attainable. Connect with Recovery Cafe by visiting them online at and understand how addiction treatment can enhance the quality of life. Attending a treatment program will allow for a new beginning in life, one that is more fulfilled and content.

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+1(206) 374-8731
2022 Boren AvenueSeattleWashington  98121

Google Reviews

  4.0   2 months ago

This Is The Warmest Social Setting I've Been To In Seattle, WA! Staff Treat You Respectfully Like Newly Wedded Honorary Family Members. Food Is Decent, Just Add Seasoning To Your Liking And It's Amazing For What You Don't Pay..Just Show Up Once A Week With Your Support Group Meeting For An Hour Of Sharing, And Enjoy Lunch Buffet(I Believe 1-3pm) And Dinner Buffet(I Believe 5-6pm) Meals Tuesday-Saturdays. Everyone Helps With Cleaning And Maintaining Supportive Atmosphere. Come If You're Recovering From Anything, Or Just Lonley..Either Way, You Won't Leave Seattle Hungry!

  5.0   2 months ago

Sharing our gifts of recovery, embracing the simple life assorted american dishea, and so-called visiting the neighbor, -love, Adrian

  5.0   3 months ago

A great place for help and community support if you need help or want to give your time for a good cause drop by

  5.0   3 months ago

This is a healing and peaceful place! They are all inclusive, never exclusive in the services they provide. The staff show they are a connected front, they are friendly, and teamwork is paramount! If you just need people to talk to, or a safe fun place to relax and get focus on this journey called life, this cafe is splendid! The food is impeccable!!!

  5.0   3 months ago


  3.0   4 months ago

Seems OK foods all right employee stick up for each other. I try to get one for discriminating on me and making false accusations but they cover their own asses. But food seems OK.. OK place to meet people.

  5.0   4 months ago

This is a great place for those who want a foot in the door to starting a new way towards Recovering from drugs and alcohol. They offer a wide variety of groups and insensitive's like free cofee and lunch and some nights dinner. I really like myself a whole lot more since moving in a more positive direction for my life. Thanks, Recovery Cafe.

  4.0   4 months ago

This is sober support with hot meals n peer guides to assist you in finding local support in the areas you need help with.

  5.0   4 months ago

Friendly, charitable, and informative...helped me sign up for membership and gave me information about upcoming classes. Thank you for being supportive of my recovery sucess :)

  4.0   5 months ago

I am a member here and it really helps my anxiety and depression. It has many extra things to do. Plus it's very helpful to be with others to talk to.

  5.0   5 months ago

Shout out to Jason and Terry D personally my favorites very compassionate caring people who authentically do their job to the best of their abilities to make people feel welcome and loved.. really great safe place to come and chill and fellowship and do service work.. as a recovering heroin addict new to Seattle I highly recommend this place to anyone looking to build their community and be of service to others

  5.0   6 months ago

I can not speak Highly enough regarding The Recovery Cafe, Staff, Volunteers & Donors ( Your donations are well spent, know that! You have saved & restored lives) I am one of the lives restored & saved. Thank You! Regarding any bad review, We are all very vulnerable and cautious at first. I think it takes time to learn, it is " I " that has to change, meaning my attitude, reactions, bottom line recovery takes hard work, it is not easy. The Recovery Cafe for myself meant I was not alone in my journey and a place of sanctuary, a safe place to be loved, cared for, not judged or alone and most of all given a chance to live a meaningful life. Thank You God for The Recovery Cafe & BLESS all those INVOLVED. PEACE !!!

  3.0   6 months ago

The place was descent. The people are great. But I wish the housing process could be a little faster.

  5.0   7 months ago

Great food. Friendly staff. Safe place to come and sit down.

  5.0   7 months ago

Life changing people, and place. Lunch & dinner available Tue-SAT. Must be 24 hrs. Clean and sober.

  5.0   8 months ago

Come here to find a supportive community that will accept you as you are, and help you to accept yourself. There are a lot of 12 step group meetings, and many resources for those who have been marginalized and find themselves on the outskirts of society.

  5.0   8 months ago

Once I walked in the staff was very informative about what I needed to do in order to join; also was able to attend as a guest and have continued going as now a member.

  5.0   8 months ago

I got there for meetings and if some of you guys looking at this and your in recovery I recommend going to that meeting

  5.0   8 months ago

The Recovery Cafe works would be great any day of the week. Helps anyone seeking out -patient casual Recovery. It is a great Program for people who need a stepping stone towards the Right Direction. Hope is inside the fellowship of Recovery Cafe. Please try it out if you need help. Thank God For Recovery Cafe!

  5.0   9 months ago

Great safe place to hang out and meet new people and make good friends!!! :) it's clean and the good is great.

  5.0   9 months ago

I attended a great NA meeting there called generation rx. Nice Atmosphere.

  4.0   10 months ago

I love going here for their spoken word night #RECOVERYROCKS

  5.0   10 months ago

Been a while since I've been here - really really nice inside, and a great message to share ~ Recovery happens!

  5.0   1 year ago

A place of safety and positivity. It has a beautiful aura and a great message as soon as you walk through the door. There's nothing but love

  3.0   1 year ago

This is a great place to come and hang out and get a little counseling. It is also a great place to come at 12 everyday for lunch! They serve awesome food and the place is great I would recommend going there for counseling and sharing my feelings and then having lunch.

  5.0   1 year ago

Love this place and everything to do with it. A safe welcoming environment with a positive atmosphere. It's a great way to be a part of the community and truly engage with your fellow person.

  5.0   1 year ago

It's all about fellowships and extraordinary meals and supported by the members. It's fabulous and with an awesome staffing that truly cares about us all. Thank God for the RECOVERY Cafe.

  5.0   1 year ago

Amazing space with all encompassing recovery services and resources. Clean, upbeat and welcoming atmosphere

  4.0   1 year ago

This a really happy place. It's what I love most about the Seattle area, the creation of space for all walks of life.

  5.0   1 year ago

A safe place to meet great people in recovery. Nice, clean, well maintained building. Caring, friendly, and supportive staff. Fun games and classes. High quality, free lunches and dinners. Much more!

  5.0   1 year ago

good supportive environment for a wide range of challenges and disabilities.

  5.0   1 year ago

After Recovery Cafe started in Seattle, more places like it have started up around the country.

  5.0   1 year ago

Refuge for those in recovery from substance abuse, addiction, and mental health challenges.

  5.0   1 year ago

The Recovery Cafe has been essential part of my personal recovery since day 1. The staff is awesome and easy to love.

  5.0   1 year ago

This place is a Wonder of the World. This is a unique community where people gather with the common goal of recovery. It is a place of healing an transformation.

  5.0   1 year ago

Wonderful place to come and meet people and have a great meal. They help you locate services to assist you in finding help with anything.

  5.0   2 years ago

This place didn't just keep me out the cold. They also gave me a opportunity to wash dishes an show my skills. Welcoming like family an i recommend if your in seattle alone this place will help you meet great people

  5.0   2 years ago

90 days clean. Been there for a year though only dealing with the staff. This week i stepped out socially amongst the members. All beautiful people. I am all the better for it.

  5.0   2 years ago

I have been through alot of places in my journey through recovery. I Have never been to or experienced such a welcoming environment with so much support . I was able to connect with everyone there and they worked above and beyond to make me feel comfortably . i was able to actually build a base for my recovery through the circles that they offer and felt so much healing from this place . i recommend this place to a open hear ted open mind person on a path of true healing .. Jason is one of the most interesting and help full member there . he was able to place things in perspective for me that i had no clue how to understand prior to speaking to him . i am truly grateful to all who help build this place and continue the effort each day to welcome all the lost and hopeless . i know i definitely once was one of those people and i so much better having found that little place on the hill. .. thank you all from the bottom of my heart ..

  5.0   2 years ago

Recovery Café is a non-profit facility offering programs to help people attain and sustain recovery from drugs and alcohol. Education and support for this process can be found here.

  5.0   3 years ago

This is a healing space for people struggling with practically ANY issue in life. As long as you need some sort of support, once you enroll and complete the initial orientation session, you're welcomed with open arms for a weekly circle (it's a processing group where you talk about whatever is on your mind, and the group and facilitator [group navigator] gives you supportive feedback), as well as numerous activities (a walking club, art club, yoga, etc.) and free lunch and dinner. If you have addiction issues, you can even enroll in the School of Recovery (sort of like a cross between an outpatient program and psycho- and biological- and sociological classes about addiction and recovery). Can't say enough great things about this place! Such a source of support and healing and living a positive life of constant improvement!

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